Spring Embroidery Florals


Spring Embroidery Florals

Hello Everybody!

It is great to be back on this platform and continue to share with you more photos, personal stories and inspiration with fashion, travel and photography.

For this look, my vision was to do more of an Editorial look with the fashion and location.  Both proved to be exactly what I was looking for!

Let’s start with the dress. It’s the perfect transition piece from Spring to Summer because of its light and dreamy material, but the beautiful embroidery details made it ideal to try the Spring Embroidery Floral trend that has been so popular this season.

Initially, I was tempted to try out the embroidery trend on a denim shirt or jeans, but I soon saw that everywhere (and by everywhere I mean Pinterest and Instagram) and I knew I had to challenge myself a bit more and look for other wardrobe pieces that would be different to try the trend with. I soon found this dress! (Links other similar dresses below!)

Once I found the dress, I wanted to keep my accessories more subtle so that I could let the dress stand out. So I paired it with block heels and one of my favorite small, crossbody bags. I finished off this look with a nod to my Beloved Mexico and my culture since this happened to be right on Cinco de Mayo! So I added the red flower for some of the photos above.

As for the location, this stunning scenery is only a 15 minute drive from where I currently live and had not visited it during the Spring. The focal point was the covered bridge, but once we arrived and saw the creek with its rushing water leading off to a still and peaceful lake, we knew that these photos would take on a more Editorial look.  The Spring blooms, the mountains, the setting sun, the lake and covered bridge would all be part of this Spring Embroidery Floral look!

I hope that you have enjoyed these photos! Let it continue to inspire you to try new trends and have fun with fashion. Also, to go out and explore more!

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